Pathfinders and Adventurers

What is Pathfinders?

Pathfinders is a place where your child can learn about God and make life-long friendships, learn practical skills and develop the confidence that comes with the success of achieving new things

Pathfinders is a fun, social and hands-on way to learn new skills and discover the world God created for us. Children aged 10 to 15 years can attend camping trips where experienced, qualified volunteers will teach them survival skills, camping craft and help them discover the exciting wonders of the outdoors.

Engaging lessons give the children an opportunity to learn about crafts and hobbies, as well as offering them a taste of future professions the children may one day like to pursue. On completion of the years activity children will receive an achievement award along with honour badges as a reminder of all the activities they have participated in and learned about during the year.

What is Adventurers?

The Adventurer Program is designed to help parents and leaders of children aged 4 to 9 help develop their child’s faith and knowledge of Jesus. In a world that’s bombarding us with influence, it’s important to take the opportunity to give our little ones a good start in life. The curriculum has been created to help our kids take their best step forward. Through activities, songs, community engagement and outdoor adventures children will be blessed and encouraged in the journey. The club enables a community to be involved in this together, support one another and have fun getting to know who they are in Jesus.